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Nacho Gil

Professional designer and amateur underwater photographer

Nacho Gil

I think I was born a designer.

As a child, I used to make construction games for my brother, observed how he were using them, and improve the constructions afterwards. Later I wanted to be a photographer to continue observing people, but a diving accident and a few titanium screws, left me in front of a computer and attending a lot of meetings.

I have worked as grape harvester, disco doorman, photographer, UX, Lead, Head, Design Director, chief Design Officer and mentor, in places such as Soluziona, Arthur Andersen, idealista, The Cocktail, Fjord, Tuenti, La Nave Nodriza, or Barrabés Meaning, and now I am CEO and receptionist at nachogil.com

Finally, between one thing and another, I've been 20 years designing interfaces, products and digital services for tv, public administration, security and defense, tourism, energy, automotive industry, etc, because I love the challenge of building complex things and the projects that almost nobody wants to do.

I can not stand decorative design, the projects made to win awards, and coriander.