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Anna Vilalta

myABCKit Co-founder and product designer

Anna Vilalta

I’m a product designer and co-founder of myABCKit, an EdTech startup. I studied advertising and art direction; after some years in advertising agencies I decided to make a move and specialize in digital design. I focus on creating products that solve real problems of people, and now in particular kids, one of the most demanding targets I’ve ever faced.

I worked in a design studio for a couple of years creating digital projects for kids, and a year ago I started my biggest challenge so far, myABCKit.

Creating a startup with all it takes: research, design, launch and iterate again, with a team of only 3 people makes me apply the “less but better” philosophy in my work as a designer.

These months in myABCKit have allowed me to create and design based on data-driven trade-offs and concessions. One of the toughest challenges has been to focus and prioritize on what we are capable of achieving, and doing it properly, since it’s an app for kids.

I want to share with you my experience creating and adapting a product to an international market, the processes and situations we’ve overcome this year, and yes indeed, how are we still alive.